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About Maris Rose

Maris Rose is a parent, step-parent, grandparent, group-home parent and teacher, with an Early Childhood Education background. Maris brings over thirty years experience working with children and families to her parent coaching practice and programs for young children.                         



Maris was a Family Living Teacher for the National Family Teaching Association at several group home sites in the 1980's. In this capacity she lived with, cared for, and taught social skills to the boys and girls in her care. Since moving to Vermont in 1988 Maris has taught children in the Burlington Schools, Saxon Hill Preschool and Heartworks Preschool. In 2010 she opened Maris' Tree House, a nature and arts oriented enrichment program for young children at  All Souls Gathering on Meach Cove Farms in Shelburne.


Parent Educator


As a Family Living Teacher Maris provided support and coaching to the parents of the children in her group homes, to facilitate a successful re-acclimation to home life.  As a parent coach Maris works with parents of young children through classes, workshops, support groups, in school and community settings. These have included Charlotte Children's Center, Shelburne Community School, Heartworks Preschool, Saxon Hill Preschool, Moretown Elementary, South Burlington Schools and Discovery Preschool. Maris also offers private parent coaching sessions.


Early Childhood Teacher Support

Maris also teaches classes and workshops for preschool teachers and childcare providers to support compassionate, effective classroom management.


Maris combines skill and experience with warmth and understanding to offer truly helpful coaching for parents, support for early childhood educators and delightful programs for young children.



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Maris with her grandson Axel
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