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Private Parent Coaching

for parents of young children

Private sessions are especially helpful because they directly address your specific concerns and family issues.



Private sessions are especially helpful because they directly address your specific concerns and family issues.


What are some of the issues parents bring to our private sessions?


Parents may be seeking support…

  • dealing with their child’s challenging behaviors.

  • dealing with their child’s strong emotions.

  • having age appropriate expectations for their children.

  • dealing with sibling rivalry.

  • simplifying family life.

  • how to address tender concerns about the illness or death of a pet or family member.

  • preparing for or adjusting to a move, a new baby, a new school, a parents’ work-schedule or other life and family changes.

  • dealing with their own strong reactions and emotions that seem to interfere when teaching their child.

  • creating a family philosophy or vision from which to parent.

  • with concerns about being too permissive or too authoritarian.

  • how to deal with both parents having different approaches to parenting.

  • helping their child with school issues.

  • simplifying holidays and birthdays or creating family celebrations.

  • dealing with sleeping and eating concerns.


Particulars -  

To begin with, we take a good look at the dynamics of the behaviors of concern. It's helpful to have detailed descriptions of several scenarios. Then we look at ways the parent(s) can effectively modify their own approaches and responses to influence a change in their child's behavior. Unfortunately there is no magic wand to change a child with a whoosh! Changing our behavior can be difficult but not as difficult as living with things as they are. The good news is that we (and our children) can do hard things, especially when we know why we're doing them. That's how we're made!  Often patterns of behavior have been inadvertently reinforced by the way we've handled them. So learning/practicing some new tools, implementing ways of connecting while correcting/teaching, giving children what they most need (not necessarily what they want), can be truly effective. Often we see significant progress after just a couple of sessions. 


I would be glad to meet with you via zoom. Weekday appointments and occasionally evening times are available. The fee is $60 which includes the zoom session and a follow up email with summary notes about our plan and follow up thoughts. Modified fees are available for families experiencing financial hardship.


Preparing -

It can be most helpful for parents to take time to write down their primary concerns, issues, behaviors, etc. and several examples. This helps to focus our time together. You can send it ahead of time or bring it with you. 

However, if that feels challenging we can simply sort these out together when we meet.


Please contact Maris at

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