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"Maris' amazing Positive Parenting Class provided us with real life techniques to work with our very spirited 2 year old. These techniques allowed us to get back to enjoying our time together as a family.  From using a timer to help our child stay focused on his next job, to understanding that sometimes our child just needs us to get down on his level to help him move on to the next task (dinner, nap time, bed time...etc.), we are constantly referring back to the tools we learned from Maris and have seen great improvements within our family dynamics and an increase in positive family time." ~ Kristin and Ben Knight 

"Maris has a gentle and thoughtful approach to problem solving with kids. She has really helped us to look at our parenting struggles in a different way and it has led to more peace in our home.”  Vesta, Shelburne 

"Our children are truly blessed to be able to spend time with Maris. Under her loving care they bloom! They come home bursting with stories to tell of their adventures together. Her intimate classes are both peaceful and full of life. Our children's spirits and curiosities about the natural world around them are wholly explored and nourished in this glorious setting. Maris is a special woman who takes time to understand and connect with each individual child." ~ Tricia Kennedy

"Mornings with Maris are a magical time for our daughter. She looks forward to each week with happy anticipation about the adventure she will have with Maris that day. Maris is a gifted teacher who connects with each child in a very special way."  ~ F. James


"Lucia loves your program!  We feel so lucky that she's able to attend.  We love that there is outdoor time on most days.  Lucia always has a smile on her face when she talks about her "Maris day"!"   ~ Anne Marie Andriola

"Emmy loves joining you on Wednesdays! She gets so excited as we make the drive down from Milton. Your ability to connect with children is really magical and Emmy continues to learn so much from you. She often talks about you and her classmates at home and is always so happy to share what she did and what she learned. She loves how you allow her to try new things and how you are so patient with your instruction. Nick and I are very grateful to you for providing such a terrific experience for our now 4-year old. Thank you for making a difference!"  Kelly Mazza



"Thank you for a magical week! Reesa just loved every minute of fairy camp and is so looking forward to more adventures with you. This afternoon Reesa made special homes for the fairies in our garden." ~ Sage Bagnato



"Thank you for the updates and a fabulous week to kick off the summer.  Olivia was glowing every day when we picked her up!  See you soon!  Can't wait for kitchen camp!" ~ Amy Lobacz

Reviews from Front Porch Forum

Maris' Tree House

Madigan Rollins

Front Porch Forum

"I would like to recommend Maris' Tree House at All Souls Interfaith Gathering Center to any family looking for a gentle, peaceful, play-based preschool experience for their child. We first met Maris four years ago when looking for a nature based program for my daughter, as it would be her first time away from her family. Maris' program was a perfect fit. From her gentle demeanor to her respectful boundaries, Maris knows how to guide the children in learning and instills in them a true love for nature.

The moment our son was old enough, he was enrolled. Both our children immensely enjoyed the time they've spent making new friends and feeling comfortable to take risks (performing plays, singing songs, going sliding down the "big hill") and learning with Maris.

We also attended Maris' Parenting Classes when we were learning how to parent a spirited 3.5 year old and her younger brother. The classes gave us tools we still use on a daily basis. Maris truly is magical. She can be reached by email at: Please reach out if you have any questions!"

Maris' Tree House and Summer Camps Recommended

Anne Marie Andriola

Charlotte Front Porch Forum 

"I completely agree with the reviews of Maris' Tree house. It is magical! We met Maris' when she was working at a school that our older daughter attended and we were thrilled when we learned about her Tree House. She is an exceptional educator. Maris' runs weekly classes as well as summer camps."


Maris' Tree House

Annie Dunn

Front Porch Forum 

"Our family absolutely LOVES Maris and her program! Maris is kind, loving, and energetic. Her program is located at the stunning All Souls building on the second floor that overlooks the lake and mountains. "

Maris' Tree House

Jamie O'brien

Front Porch Forum

"If you are looking for a truly wonderful supplemental one morning or afternoon program for your 3 or 4 year old, I cannot recommend enough Maris' Tree House. Maris has taught both of my children during this stage of development, and I couldn't be happier with the results. She relates so well with children at this age, and has a real grasp for the wonder and magic of this time in childhood. My daughter, who is thoroughly enjoying her second year with Maris, loves all aspects of the program, from the play-based learning and creative and wholesome indoor projects, to the unparalleled outdoor exploration time."

Unique Program for Preschool Children

Amy Buckley

Front Porch Forum

"Hello! If you are a parent of a preschool child between the ages of 3-5, I encourage you to check out Maris' Tree House program. I can't emphasize enough what a special program this is for's truly hard to put into words. In a nutshell; small intimate group (max. 6 kids), creative activities, picnics, fairy houses, baking, singing, dancing, puppet shows, emphasis on kindness, in a loving environment and beautiful serene location. Maris and her program capture the magic that every child should experience at this age. I also don't want to forget to mention what a support she is to parents. My daughter truly glows when I pick her up and counts down the days until she returns. Meet Maris, check out her program, and I'm sure you will agree!!"

Maris' Treehouse

Bonnie Destakasi

Front Porch Forum

"Amen! Maris is, without a doubt, the most gifted educator for young children I have ever come across, and I have been a professional educator for twenty years. Your children could be in no better hands."

Reviews from Find and Go Seek

Review on findandgoseek website

When we moved to Vermont we were looking for a gentle program for our children that would help introduce them to a formalized childcare setting prior to kindergarten. Daycare wasn't the need, but rather we sought to find a program that would be enriching and nurturing and allow our son and daughter to meet other children and socialize. We didn't want anything large and we didn't want a full day program. We were told about Maris' program from a friend and we are so thankful!

Let me start with the setting. You will be hard-pressed to find a more gorgeous setting in the state of Vermont. The All Souls Interfaith Center overlooks Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains. Nestled in the rolling hills is this gem of a building. I am often breathless at the changing scenery over Lake Champlain when I drop my daughter off. Even the drive down the long dirt road is gorgeous. As silly as it sounds, I almost expect the Von Trapp family children to be singing from the trees that line the road. The building itself is gorgeous as well. The "treehouse" classroom on the second floor is full of light and warmth. It is truly magical. The rest of the building allows for the children to bake/cook in the kitchen and dance in the glorious "rainbow room".

Maris is by far the most amazing person I've met when it comes to her interaction with children. My children are anxious by nature (as am I). She greets them with true love and compassion. She meets them where they are and also is loving in dealing with the parents. My daughter had trouble the first few times that I brought her to the program, as she had never been away from me. Maris allowed me to stay in the classroom as long as my daughter (and I) needed. Her gentle approach let me know when it was okay to leave. Now, my daughter counts the days until she can see "Miss Maris" again. She spends her free time painting pictures and making gifts for Maris. Maris teaching the children wonderful things, such as "letting their lights shine".

I can not say enough about this program. It's a perfect introduction to school or pre-school. It's a great program if you just want a weekly alteration from your child's schedule. I honestly wish that she would open a pre-school in which my daughter could attend daily. This program is amazing.

Review “Charliesmom” findandgoseek website 

I can not say enough wonderful things about Maris and her program, both during the school year and her summer camps. My son is in his second year with her now and we just wish she could continue with him as he goes from grade to grade.
Maris has such a magical way of making every child feel welcomed into her class. Each week is spent counting down the days to our Maris day to see what Maris has in store for him. One of the best parts is that if the weather cooperates she will coordinate the

 morning around being outside and taking advantage of everything her beautiful location has to offer; fairy houses in the woods, hiking thru trails, sledding in winter or discovering animals and their tracks in the snow or mud.

Every child should be lucky enough to spend some time with Maris in their preschool years and experience all of the magic she has to offer in her programs.


Maris' Tree House on Find & Go Seek (ongoing updates & reviews)

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